Fire Protection Services


We understand the back bone of your business is yours and your customers information. Data centers are vital in the day to day operation of your business. Think about what a fire in your data center would do to your companies future. The smoke, water, and fire damage could be catastrophic. Why take a chance? Protect your assets with a clean agent fire suppression system.


Industrial fire systems are proven to safeguard your companies assets. We can design, engineer, and install fire detection and suppression on any industrial mill, or dip tank, and the fuel storage areas. This peace of mind allows you to continue to grow America’s industry with little or no down time due to a fire.


When choosing what type of fire protection is needed to protect a fuel or volatile storage area. Let us help to make sure your company is safe from unnecessary risk. We can engineer waterless solutions to safeguard many different chemicals.


Much like data centers, telephone equipment rooms are vital to your companies success. When you are looking for a proven alternative to water sprinklers, look into a clean agent fire suppression with high sensitivity smoke detection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a clean agent system necessary, if I already have sprinklers installed in my space?

Water sprinklers offer effective protection to the buildings structure.  They are meant to keep a fire contained, until the fire department can respond. Unfortunately, water can ruin your electronics. The down time from smoke, fire and water damage could be unrecoverable. A clean agent system offers fire protection for your critical assets contained within the space. They are design to suppress fires in their earliest stages. Are clean agents safe for occupied areas?

Yes, clean agents work by removing the heat energy from a fire on its molecular level not by depleting oxygen. This has been validated by extensive human inhalation and mammalian toxicology studies. People who happen to be inside a room during a discharge can continue to breath normally. How long will my room be down during installation?

If the space is existing, there is little to no interruption to you. Our technicians are  capable of installing the system while a room is operational.  Depending of the size space, an install could be installed in one day. How do I go about ordering a system?

Systems can be ordered through a construction drawing package provided by an Architectural/Engineering firm or a site survey conducted by our  fire protection design staff. A site survey for room readiness and material placement is conducted to commence the flow/engineering calculations. C.A.D. drawings are submitted for approval within a week. Following approval, material is placed on order and usual arrives in 1 to 2 weeks. During that time, municipal installation permits and AHJ approvals are attained and installation is scheduled. What is the expected cost of ownership?

Following acceptance testing and turnover to owner, a semi-annual inspection price and agreement will be provided. N.F.P.A. code requires a trained and qualified person to inspect the systems at least on a semi-annual basis. Kidde Fire Systems Buckeye Amerex Larsen Janus