Commercial Fire Extinguisher Service in Connecticut

Nobody wants to be caught in a fire with nothing to protect themselves. At Stuart L. White Co., we want to protect from the dangers a fire presents. That’s why we sell commercial fire extinguisher and our services are designed to help businesses like yours stay safe. If you’re in need of fire protection equipment in Connecticut, call us today.

Fire Protection

When it comes to fire protection, you want only service and products that you can trust. Our fire protection equipment and services are reliably high-quality so you can always feel safe. Our top-of-the-line fire extinguishers are designed with your business in mind. We help you choose the right size and placement for your commercial fire extinguisher to make sure that you’ll always have access.

Our team is experienced and trained, to give you the best service for your safety. We offer yearly fire extinguisher inspections, where we make sure your equipment meets N.F.P.A. standards and local fire codes, and list any recommendations we feel can add to your safety.

Quality Service

Stuart L. White Co. has been helping businesses stay safe for over 87 years. We are honest and dedicated, in order to ensure that you have the right kind of protection for your business. Our years of experience have helped us perfect our fire protection services, so we know exactly how to keep our clients and their businesses safe.

The fire extinguishers we sell are functional and reliable, and our professional team has the skills to give you the right one in the right place to maximize your fire safety. Our primary motivation as a company is to help your business stay safe from fires.

If you need high-quality protection for your business, contact Stuart L. White Co. to talk about your commercial fire extinguisher needs. Request a quote online from our specialists or give us a call today at 203-878-6311.