Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression System for Hartford, CT

When you need a high-quality restaurant kitchen fire suppression system in Hartford, CT, and surrounding areas, rely on the experienced team at Stuart L. White Company Fire Protection. Our business has provided fire protection services since 1932 and we plan to continue that tradition.

Commercial kitchens, in the state, are required to meet UL300 standards and be inspected on a semi-annual basis. Whether you need a new kitchen hood fire system installation or continued service, we are able to assist you.

Restaurant Kitchen Fire System

To ensure you get the proper fire suppression system for your restaurant, contact Stuart L. White Company Fire Protection Engineers. Our staff can design a new pre-engineered wet chemical fire system, designed specifically for you exhaust hood and cooking equipment.

We will create high end construction drawings for review, pull the proper work permits. Our experienced technicians will install and ensure quality prior to completion. We have over 90 years’ worth of experience in the fire suppression field and we want to make sure your restaurant is safe from fire.

To learn more about our experience in the fire suppression industry, you can visit our about page. Visit our contact page to find the many ways that you can contact us.